Research Methodology

We understand that there is a dire need of authentic data which can be trusted. We provide sound, logical, and pride ourselves when we say that we are one of the very few companies in the industry providing trustable data. Our research process sets us apart from our competitors in many ways. Firstly, we do not mass produce 'market intelligence', or 'research reports' that have been flooding the market research industries for the past few years. We take on few projects at a time and conduct in depth research to be able to say that what we have provided is as close to reality as it can get. Our approach has always been 'Quality First' and providing authentic data driven solutions that can help to take robust business decisions. Focusing on fewer projects at a time provides us leeway to uncover crucial insights, and insights that can actually be relied on. We are trying to create a multi-faceted consulting solutions business ranging from different

pharmaceutical and healthcare databases to providing tailored business solutions primarily to healthcare businesses. Our research process is briefly mentioned below.

  • All our projects begin with getting a detailed understanding of clients business requirement, having multiple discussions with the client if required in order to better understand their requirement
  • Afterwards we begin with framing a tailored research approach which often is a mix of different processes such as primary research, curating data from our own databases, secondary research, commercial databases, and
  • We believe that 'Transparency is the best policy' when doing any business. We let our clients know beforehand of the duration of any project and why it will take the said time.
  • While there may be similar 'off the shelf' solutions available from our competitors within a day's time, however, it is apparent that it takes effort and time to provide quality, trustable insights, which are in line with present industry trends. As industry trends are everchanging and yesterday's solutions may not be applicable for today's problems.
Why iDataAcumen

Actionable Insights

Access to robust insights derived from our rich internal databases and external sources

Deep Industry Acumen

Our industry experts have a keen understanding of macro and micro economic trends

Research Customization

On-demand generation of research and insights tailored to your needs

Vast Industry Coverage

We provide market intelligence services across multiple healthcare domains