Commercial Due Diligence

When undertaking mergers, acquisitions, or growth investments, comprehensive commercial due diligence is essential for success. Our commercial due diligence services provide the market intelligence and competitive benchmarking private equity firms, pharmaceutical companies, and corporations need to assess opportunities, valuation, positioning, and risks.

Our multifaceted approach delivers actionable insights into:

  • Market dynamics
  • Competitive landscape
  • Financial performance
  • Growth opportunities
  • Ideal targets
  • Risks and mitigation strategies

Armed with our findings and strategic recommendations, clients can pursue deals and investments with confidence, justify valuations, identify synergies, and maximize growth post-transaction.

Commercial Due Diligence Components:

Our commercial due diligence process involves:

Market Assessment: We thoroughly analyze market size, historic growth, projections, trends, key segments, regional dynamics, competitive forces, innovation ecosystem, partnerships, substitute threats, and regulatory landscape. This equips clients with intelligence on market receptivity, appetite, dynamics, and attractiveness.

Competitive Benchmarking: We profile competitors, map market share, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, assess customer loyalty, analyze financial performance, and determine competitive differentiation. This enables clients to assess relative competitive positioning.

Financial Analysis: We evaluate current financial performance, project future trajectory, model growth opportunities, assess production/supply chain costs, determine revenue and cost-saving synergies, identify risks, and quantify potential upside. This allows accurate valuation.

Growth Opportunity Identification: We use market and competitive insights to pinpoint untapped growth avenues, expansion potential, customer targets, partnership opportunities, product/service gaps, and areas of unmet need. This highlights paths to fuel profitable growth.

Together these analyses provide the fact-based insights necessary to determine deal rationale, accurately value assets, develop integration plans, and maximize post-transaction performance.

Strategy Consulting Services:

In addition to rigorous commercial due diligence, we provide ongoing strategic guidance over the lifecycle of investments and new market entries including:

  • Market Entry Strategy: We help clients evaluate market timing, positioning, capabilities needed, partnerships, regulatory issues, and optimal entry models for successfully entering new regions and segments.
  • Target Screening: We identify, assess, and prioritize partnership, acquisition, and investment targets using market intelligence, financial analysis, and strategic fit criteria. This focuses efforts on ideal targets.
  • Post-Merger Integration: We advise clients on integration strategies, process alignment, synergies capture, talent integration, and change management for smooth post-deal transitions.
  • Transformation Planning: We partner with clients to assess current capabilities, map future needs, identify productivity opportunities, develop transformation roadmaps, and track progress against strategic goals.

For critical transactions and investments, our unbiased market intelligence minimizes risk and fuels growth. Contact us to determine how our commercial due diligence and strategy consulting services can set you on the path to success.

Commercial due diligence is a growing field within strategy consulting. We perform commercial due diligence for companies such as private equity firms, and pharmaceutical companies looking to acquire any new company. Generally, any commercial due diligence activity involves the following components;

  • Understanding the basics of the market in which the company operates
  • Competitive positioning of the business in question
  • Identifying growth opportunities in the industry
  • Current and prospective financial performance of the company and its assets

As such, the commercial due diligence work we provide consists of following parts;

  • Global, and regional market assessment
  • Products/brands current and future financial performance assessment
  • Competitive positioning and mapping
  • Competitive performance analysis
  • Identification of opportunities

Along with commercial due diligence, we also provide other strategy consulting services as follows;

  • Market entry strategies
  • Ideal target identification for collaboration/acquisition
  • Process transformation support