Clinical Trials Assessment

Bringing a new drug or biologic to market involves substantial investments in clinical trials and drug development. Our clinical trial forecasting services leverage data analytics to evaluate the probability of success for pipeline assets based on comparative clinical trial parameters.

By benchmarking against similar past trials with known outcomes, our platform provides drug developers, biotech firms, and pharmaceutical companies with data-driven forecasts to inform pipeline and portfolio management.

Clinical Trial Comparative Parameters Assessed:

Our machine learning algorithms draw insights by comparing key aspects of your clinical trials to prior trials of similar drugs and patient populations including:

  • Mechanism of action
  • Drug class
  • Disease/condition
  • Phase of development
  • Trial duration
  • Patient criteria
  • Endpoint goals
  • Statistical significance
  • Safety/efficacy
  • Discontinuations
  • Competitive landscape

By evaluating comparative clinical trial data across hundreds of parameters, we identify the most relevant factors correlated with success or failure for a given drug profile. This enables a highly tailored forecast.

Key Forecasting Insights Provided:

  • Probability of success by phase
  • Statistical significance prediction
  • Primary endpoint attainment odds
  • Likelihood of safety/tolerability issues
  • Probability of regulatory approval
  • Timeline estimates
  • Projected commercial viability

Our clinical trial analytics deliver statistically robust forecasts to support strategic pipeline and portfolio planning including:

  • Early decision-making on asset progression/discontinuation
  • Portfolio balancing of risk vs. reward
  • Scenario planning around different outcome probabilities
  • Resource allocation optimization
  • Partnership and in-licensing valuation
  • Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions

By leveraging advanced analytics on clinical trial data, our platform provides the predictive insights needed to maximize the ROI of drug development investments. This enables our clients to objectively evaluate opportunities and make data-driven decisions.

To learn how our clinical trial forecasting services can provide key statistical insights into your probability of pipeline success, contact us today.

Our analysts have specialized knowledge in understanding scientific clinical trials know-how, different approaches that are utilized in clinical trials, and analysing outcomes of clinical trials. This study and analysis helps us to accurately apply knowledge of different clinical trial outcomes to different comparative molecules from same drug classes or drugs that are targeting same diseases and are under clinical research.

We have successfully helped various clients to forecast success of their pipeline drugs based on different comparative parameters with similar clinical trials that are ongoing or have had successful outcomes in the past. We look at following comparative parameters and compare them with the drug or molecule in question to assess the outcome of the clinical trial (indicative examples);

  • Drug class
  • Mechanism of action
  • Disease indication
  • Route of administration
  • Dosage form
  • Dosage strength
  • Type of clinical trial
  • Clinical trial phase
  • Patient population (age, gender, ethnicity, total number)
  • Study duration
  • Unmet need