Competitive Benchmarking

In the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, competitive intelligence is crucial for identifying risks, opportunities, and strategic decisions to gain advantage. Our competitive intelligence services deliver comprehensive, cutting-edge insights into competitor activity.

By thoroughly evaluating capabilities, strategies, offerings, positioning, and direction, our analysis reveals industry blind spots and informs impactful business moves.

Robust Framework Provides 360-Degree Perspective:

Our multifaceted approach provides pharmaceutical and biotech companies with a complete view of the competitive landscape:

  • Research and development activity, pipeline strategies, and technological capabilities
  • Manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution capabilities
  • Marketing, sales, and promotional analysis
  • Product portfolios, pricing, and segmentation strategies
  • Revenue streams, cost structures, and financial performance
  • Market activity, share shifts, and customer loyalty
  • Partnerships, acquisitions, and strategic alliances
  • Leadership, talent recruitment, and organizational culture
  • Geographic expansion plans and entry strategies

Additionally, we overlay macroeconomic factors, regulatory shifts, technological disruptions, and other market dynamics that impact the competitive environment.

Armed with intelligence across these dimensions, clients can identify threats, gaps, opportunities to differentiate, potential partnerships, and more.

Key Competitive Intelligence Outcomes:

Our analysis delivers strategic, actionable insights:

  • Pinpoint competitor vulnerabilities to exploit
  • Reveal blind spots in competitive activity
  • Assess strengths/weaknesses compared to rivals
  • Anticipate competitor responses to strategies
  • Identify unmet customer needs
  • Uncover partnership and acquisition targets
  • Realign strategic plans based on competitor intelligence
  • Justify and support critical decisions

In today’s complex pharmaceutical and biotech ecosystems, our rigorous approach provides the competitive intelligence needed to drive growth, mitigate risk, and gain strategic advantage.

Our competitive intelligence services range from disease analysis to marketing phase of a given product or company or business. We believe that competitive intelligence is capable of unravelling crucial insights and directions in which a company can strongly move forward by reliable decision making.

Also, in our opinion CI is not just ‘pharma market research’, or bits and pieces of pricing analysis, competitive analysis/company profiling, market analysis and others and it does not say much about actual competitive or corporate intelligence. A sound competitive intelligence study should be able to decode following aspects of the target of the CI study;

  • What are your competitors capabilities (research, manufacturing, marketing etc.) and how do they differ from you?
  • What sets your competitors apart in the market?
  • What are they able to accomplish based on their various capabilities?
  • What are their future goals as per their current and historical roadmap?

Our CI studies consider and take into account answers to above questions while formulating and finalizing any studies. We also, take into account micro and macro-economic factors such as regulatory landscape, response of the market to launched medications, insurance landscape, digital transformation and its impact among others. We try to provide a 360 degree view of the industry so our clients can formulate viable strategies.

To learn more about how our competitive intelligence services can uncover hidden opportunities and equip you with a competitive edge, contact us today.