Research reports, whitepapers, infographics, and any other such information produced by us is heavily based on available data quality, and opinions, and views of our primary respondents

However, we conduct thorough due diligence process while providing any kind of information in our products, hence why we require more time to conduct our studies the competitors

Also, any rationale, insights, forecasts in any of our products are dependant on existing market scenarios, and perceived market growth pattern thereof based on facts and findings. However, it is not an indication/guarantee of future events, and COVID-19 is a testament to this. As, any such business study, research conducted prior to COVID-19 was rendered meaningless due to COVID-19. Hence, any responsibility for future business decisions taken on the basis of these forecasts lies with the client.

All our products, and business reports are for clients internal use only, and any part of it should not be reproduced by any means including but not limited to electronic versions, photocopies, recordings, photos, without actual consent and permission from iDataAcumen

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